FIRESTONE Building products


From saving time on the job to lowering energy costs, Firestone roofing products
are built to boost your performance, while enhancing the performance of your roof. Firestone is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for the full spectrum of building requirements. They are a world-recognized leader for over 100 years
•    Full building envelope of roofing, wall and specialty products
•    Environmentally committed to quality manufacturing
•    Worldwide network of distributors
•    Subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
•    ISO 9001 certified
•    Registered to ISO 14001 standards, or self-certified with independent verification  


 Firestone’s high-quality synthetic rubber compound is the foundation for RubberGard™, the industry’s premium grade EPDM roofing membrane. With superior durability, flexibility and UV resistance, RubberGard™ EPDM is the smart roofing solution for any application. From office buildings and distribution warehouses to hospitals and schools, RubberGard EPDM delivers outstanding, long-lasting performance in all climates worldwide. Don’t just cover your roof; guard it with Firestone’s RubberGard™ EPDM membranes. 


Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membranes are among the fastest growing commercial roofing products and have gained broad industry acceptance for their many performance and installation advantages.  As demand increases for heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing systems, TPO single-ply roofing membranes continue to provide exceptional resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure. 


 At Firestone Building Products, their environmental mission is simple: to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. They are constantly striving to develop eco-friendly products and processes that pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.  

Firestone Building Products new LEED® Version 4 guide is an all-inclusive resource for their products that may contribute to earning LEED credits. From energy-saving polyiso insulations to reflective TPO membranes and vegetative roofing solutions – the guide specifies how these products can minimize environmental impact while maximizing building value. 



 GenFlex Roofing Systems is a leading, full-line supplier of high quality single-ply roofing products for the commercial roofing market.  Their razor-sharp focus on roofing is based on nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, and the partnerships they have formed with the best contractors and distributors in the business. So if you have a roofing challenge, question, or opportunity you’re ready to take on…chances are pretty good that Genflex has a product, answer, or innovation to meet your needs. 


 The GenFlex high performance EPDM single-ply membrane is tough, standing up to tears, impacts, punctures and normal roof traffic. It’s durable, offering excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light exposure. And it’s reliable, maintaining elasticity and flexibility that lasts.  GenFlex Roofing Systems feature four single-ply EPDM membranes : EPDM, AFR EDPM, FRM EDPM,  and FlexWhite EDPM.  GenFlex EPDM is ideal for either new roofs or for roofing over a variety of common roof deck types and insulation materials. 

GenFlex EZ TPO single-ply roofing systems, including the revolutionary GenFlex EZ TPO Peel & Stick™ HW, offer the durability it takes to withstand the most punishing elements. Plus, they provide outstanding heat-reflectivity and energy efficiency for high performance that’s strikingly affordable. 


Now more than ever, roofing projects require that architects, owners, builders and contractors work together to evaluate a project beyond the dimensions and parameters of the roof. GenFlex provides a complete offering of roof systems to meet your insurance and code requirements, as well as issues such as the building’s planned use, occupant profile and surroundings.  As an industry leader, GenFlex has continually worked to develop products that reduce environmental impact while contributing to greater energy efficiency.    



Carlisle SynTec Systems has been the leader in the commercial single-ply roofing industry for more than 50 years. It continues to lead the roofing industry today by providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services through a select network of manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and applicators. Carlisle’s products have been installed on a wide range of buildings around the world, including schools, hospitals, warehouses, and cold storage facilities. With more than 19 billion square feet of roofing materials sold, Carlisle continues to lead the industry by providing its valued customers with the best products, services, and warranty options available today. 


 EPDM single-ply membranes have been the commercial roofing industry’s material of choice for nearly half a century, and Carlisle has been defining the standard since the beginning. Today, Carlisle SynTec offers the most high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable and innovative line of EPDM membranes and accessories on the market. From Factory-Applied Tape (FAT®) for stronger, more dependable seams to the industry’s only ENERGY-STAR®-qualified EPDM membrane, no one offers the versatility and performance like Carlisle.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is the fastest-growing segment of the commercial roofing industry, and Carlisle is the leading supplier of this type of roofing material. Carlisle’s white and tan Sure-Weld® TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR®-qualified and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)-certified, and have been directly attributed to a reduction in energy use and cooling costs for buildings in warm, southern climates. 


 Carlisle provides sustainable, long-lasting products including low-VOC and VOC-free adhesives and sealants. Environmentally friendly construction is everywhere, and Carlisle is paving the way by offering a multitude of products that meet a growing number of green construction codes and regulations.   Reflective membranes to reduce air conditioning costs and dark-colored membranes to cut cooling costs. Polyiso and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Energy modeling software. Carlisle has what you need to create the ultimate energy-efficient roof system.