Shingle Eater™ is the original patented roofing tool. There are no removable or adjustable replacement parts. Shingle Eaters' rugged, all steel construction ensures the highest quality, longest-lasting products on the market today. And, their patented ergonomic designs enable you to work in an upright or seated position, reducing fatigue while increasing productivity. With many models to choose from, their complete line of tools will easily handle your most difficult roof stripping, repair, or remodeling projects. 


Shingle Eater, Inc. is nationally recognized as the manufacturer of ergonomically designed long-handled specialty tools for the building industry. Their company was founded in the early 1980's by a roofing contractor who recognized the need for an ergonomically designed roofing tool. The Shingle Eater enables roofing projects to be completed more efficiently than with other tools, and with the least amount of stress on the body.Their tools are well known in the industry as being the best-made tools for tradesman. They use the highest quality materials and are 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.



Bonded Building Materials, Incs. stocks three sizes of Shingle Eater tools.  First, a true original in every sense of the word, the 6126 Shingle Eater is the tool that put Shingle Eater on the map and is the most respected shingle remover in the roofing business.   In addition to the Shingle Eater strength, durability, and performance, the 6126 has a 10" footplate with 10 corregated steel teeth that allows you to rip out two nails at a time, a long 55" handle for maximum power and reach, and weighs only 7.4 lbs for lightweight maneuverability.

 The Shingle Eater Junior is recommended for roofing renovation in tight areas around skylights or chimneys, valleys where peaks meet. It has a compact, 23" handle for precise navigation of tight areaas, 4 corrugated steel teeth for maximum ripping power, and is lightweight, durable, and made of high-quality steel. 

The Steep Slope Shingle Eater is  constructed with high-quality steel and is designed for strength and performance and specifically for steeper sloped roofs and those roofers under 6 feet tall.




The original AJC Hatchet was invented by the late A.J. Crookston. A.J. started making hatchets for his own crew and eventually began selling them to other roofers as the advantages of this tool became known. Over the years, AJC has continued to design and distribute products on which roofers can rely for unsurpassed durability and craftsmanship.

Today, AJC is still family-owned and operated. Times have changed, but their goal remains the same: To design and manufacture high-quality, innovative roofing tools and magnetic sweepers.  



AJC commercial roofing tools are designed specifically for easy use and long-lasting durability. AJC Tools and Roofing Equipment presents a complete line of commercial roofing tools that are made in the USA. Their line of tools and equipment adapt to every project, every application, every single time. 

Standard shears were not designed to effectively handle the heavy duty materials used in commercial roofing applications. To rectify this problem and better meet your needs, AJC Tools presents a complete line of roofing bent shears.  They understand the wear and tear that can destroy inferior shears, that’s why their bent shears were manufactured expressly for commercial roofers. The key to their durability lies in the fact that they are made of chrome-moly steel with a chrome or Teflon finish for non-stick, corrosion-resistant durability. 



The Grip-Rite name represents quality and value to professional contractors on jobsites across North America, including the Caribbean. First introduced in 1975, Grip-Rite is now the top-selling brand of fasteners in America.  Today's Grip-Rite is so much more than the familiar gray 1 lb. and 5 lb. boxes of nails and screws. They currently provide:

  • Fasteners, nails and screws, nuts and bolts, threaded rod.
  • Collated fasteners designed to fit Grip-Rite tools and many others.
  • Flexible strip collated screw system: collated screws, adaptors and accessories.
  • Tools, compressors, hoses and fittings: complete pneumatic fastening system.



No matter what your specialty, Grip-Rite has the pneumatic tool especially for you. Rugged framing nailers and roofing nailers are designed to withstand the rigors of today's jobsite. Finish and brand nailers give you the precision and control you need for the fine finish and trim work. Their unique specialty tool line-up includes the tool you need to set your work apart from the rest.

Backed by a 3 year limited warranty and nationwide network of service centers, you can count on Grip-Rite Tools to be valued members of your work team.

 The Grip-Rite family of products continues to grow, offering solutions to jobsite challenges and construction needs. 




Stanley Bostitch, previously and more commonly known as simply  Bostitch®, is an American company that specializes in the design and manufacture of fastening tools — such as staplers, staple guns, nailers and riveters; and fasterners - such as nails, screws and staples.  Its product range covers construction and industrial uses.   In August 2013, Stanley Black & Decker began selling trademan's power tools and mechanic's hand tools and pneumatic tools under the  Bostitch®  brand. 



Bostitch® roofing nailers and siding nailers are designed with everyday use in mind. Incredibly lightweight and durable, Bostitch® roofing and siding nailers work with a variety of roofing and siding materials such as shingles, exterior drywall, insulation board, fiber cement applications, soft wood, and steel.  The coil roofing nailer has a durable aluminum housing and a one-door loading system for fast reloading.  It has a dry fire lock out to prevent dry firing and to alert the user to relaod the magazine.  Depend on this coil roofing nailer for durablity and comfort.