The original AJC Hatchet was invented by the late A.J. Crookston. A.J. started making hatchets for his own crew and eventually began selling them to other roofers as the advantages of this tool became known. Over the years, AJC has continued to design and distribute products on which roofers can rely for unsurpassed durability and craftsmanship.

Today, AJC is still family-owned and operated. Times have changed, but their goal remains the same: To design and manufacture high-quality, innovative roofing tools and magnetic sweepers.  



AJC's commercial roofing tools and equipment are designed specifically for easy use and long-lasting durability. AJC Tools and Roofing Equipment presents a complete line of commercial roofing tools and roofing equipment that are made in the USA.  Whether you prefer steel or wood-handled seam rollers, AJC has the roller that is right for you. Choose from a wide array of roller materials, sizes, and features which best meet your needs; including silicone, rubber, brass, and steel drums, with or without picks or extension handles.  AJC's bent shears are manufactured specifically for commercial roofers.  Hot drop forged from chrome-moly steel, precision machined and hardened with a  chrome finish that resists corrosion.  AJC shears have an adjustable  screw.