Van Mark are manufacturers of portable bending brakes, saw tables, slitters and gutter hood roll forming tools for the construction trades. They sell  their tools through authorized distributors worldwide. In business since 1964, Van Mark has made a name in the industry by providing the strongest portable bending brakes found anywhere in the world.   Van Mark has always been focused on designing and producing tools that are both affordable and reliable for their end users. The tools are known for being the strongest in the industry and having the least amount of maintenance or adjustments needed of any similar tools. 



 Deciding on the brake that is right for you and your job is all about your application.  The Contractor Series brakes are designed to be the most durable bending brake for the typical siding and roofing contractor. Engineered to repeatedly bend common trim around windows, doors, fascia and siding with soft aluminum with ease, accuracy and consistency.  The Industrial Series brakes were engineered specifically for the metal roofing and metal architectural industries. They offer contractors the ability to fabricate material right on the jobsite. All Industrial brakes include a precisely engineered stand with platform to handle the load and strain from bending roofing metal.   The Residential Heavy Duty Series brakes were introduced to help contractors who are bending various materials, like aluminum trim coil and up to gutter coil. These brakes will take heavy use and keep on bending.




Founded in 1950, Malco Products, SBC believes in American-made tools that Work. Perform. Outlast.     The early Malco crimpers, seamers, notchers and punches have since been joined by hundreds of other specialty tools. Malco’s success continues to be built around service to the trades and a steady stream of new and exciting labor-saving tool designs. Their employee owners are committed to producing tools of lasting quality and performance that promote on-the-job safety and health for hands-on pros who have come to rely on the trusted Malco brand.  Malco believes in top-quality products that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job.    



 In 1975 Malco created a vital specialty tool market for exterior remodeling professionals (Installers of Roofing, Siding and Gutter) and holds the leadership position in that niche.   Bonded Building Materials, Inc. stocks Malco tools including metal roof bending, seaming and folding tools, metal roof cutting tools, snips and crimps.



Founded in 1950 in Austria, WUKO Maschinenbau GmbH, a developer of specialty tools, has grown substantially over the years. In 2002, the prototype of the WUKO Bender was presented at serveral exhibitions worldwide, immediately gaining public attention.  Responding to high demand, WUKO kept developing new Bender models to meet customers' needs   In 2014 WUKO Inc. was formed as a subsidiary of WUKO Maschinenbau GmbH.  The USA branch of WUKO, Inc. is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.



WUKO sheet metal roofing/siding shears, cutters and clippers boast they are the easiest, cleanest and quickest way of cutting sheet metal without burrs, metal curl and vibrations. WUKO's specialty brakes are the world’s smallest bending brakes made of high quality materials – mostly stainless steel.  WUKO tools and machines for profiling and seaming are for panels short or long, round or straight, and narrow or broad.  Contact Bonded Building Materials, Inc. about WUKO's speciality tools and how they will work for your project.  Click the button below to watch videos on all of WUKO's specialty tools.