Royal® Building Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials.  They are unique in their vertical integration from raw materials from their parent company Westlake Chemical Corporation through to manufacturing and onto distribution. Royal®Building Products believes the home a person chooses is not just the dwelling, but the neighborhood the home comes to symbolize. Whether through pipes that feed the neighborhood fresh water underground to or through the most visible design details on a private residence, Royal® designs products that enhance the life of a neighborhood. Products that provide low maintenance, save energy, are sustainable and provide a beauty that lasts over the long term.  Royal® Building Products offers traditional vinyl siding under its Exterior Portfolio® brand.  

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Exterior Portfolio® is a Royal® Building Products brand.  The Exterior Portfolio® history, culture and success have been built on three attributes:  Listen. Share. Innovate. Listening to the market, sharing what's learned and challenging the norm. Their mission, always, has been to bridge the gap between homeowners and the pros to help them communicate better with each other. The end result: exterior designs they created together.   Exterior Portfolio® is a complete collection of cladding products that will give the face of your home an image you will love. The unlimited design options of Exterior Portfolio have been used to create some of America’s most beautiful homes. Now you can enjoy this same impact with the added value of long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.




If you demand big presence and low maintenance from the same siding, you’ll truly appreciate Elm Grove. Its raised grain finish evokes the timeless curb appeal of real wood, while its durable engineering ensures it will stay that way for many years to come.  Elm Grove provides an array of looks with its available Double 4˝, Double 4˝ Dutchlap and Double 5˝ Dutchlap profiles.

Performance Features

  • Raised grain finish features the texture of real wood
  • No painting. No scraping. Virtually no maintenance.
  • Partial rollover nailing hem provides up to 155 mph wind load performance
  • SlipStop Lock® system is engineered for great-looking installation every time
  • 1/2˝ profile edge enhances the beauty and rigidity of each panel
  • .040˝ nominal thickness
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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 Protect your home with siding that’s sure to look amazing for years to come with Market Square.® Its remarkably engineered features elevate your home’s beauty while guarding it from the elements – no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Available in Double 4”, Double 4.5” Dutchlap and Double 5” profiles, Market Square gives your home a strikingly attractive, affordable, natural, lasting look.

Performance Features

  • Beautiful textured grain of forest-grown cedar
  • Special rolled-over nailing hem provides 180 mph wind load performance
  • Integri-Lock® locking system snaps panels securely together for sound installation
  • Extra wide 5/8" profile edge with square bottom edge maximizes rigidity and performance
  • .044" nominal thickness
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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