For 80 years, Owens Corning has been a leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites. Their global presence, with 19,000 people in 37 countries, helps them keep a pulse on the needs of customers around the world.  Their commitment to market-leading products and innovations has kept their Company on the Fortune 500® list for 64 consecutive years.  


Owens Corning's insulation products are available for every building need. From schools to businesses and family homes, Owens Corning insulation has solutions that combine commercial quality with residential comfort. Owens Corning® Enclosure Solutions deliver one of the largest portfolios of commercial insulation products for walls, roofs and below-grade foundations, covering a range of construction types with customizable components you can select to fit the needs of your project. Best of all, it's backed by the expert advisors and technical resources of Owens Corning. It's solutions for you, simplified.  From fiberglass insulation to Ecotouch Insulation to XPS Insulation to loose-fill insulation, Owens Corning has you covered.


EcoTouch® Insulation is preferred by 2 out of 3 professional installers over all fiberglass insulation competitors for ease of handling and installation*

  • Easier to cut and split with less dust than other fiberglass insulation products*
  • Faster to install than other fiberglass insulation products*
  • Designed to completely fill the cavity, eliminating gaps and the need for additional handwork*



 At Dow Building Solutions, they give customers the technologies and expertise to deliver high-performance buildings. From foundation to attic, their line of insulations, air sealants and weatherization products deliver energy efficiency, durability and long-term comfort.  As a global leader in building materials for more than seven decades, Dow understands the trends and challenges of the construction industry. They’re continually working to meet builders’ needs through advocacy, building expertise and innovative solutions for increased sustainability, easier installation, greater occupant comfort, improved health and safety, enhanced durability, and reduced energy and materials use. 


Insulation in a conventional roof lies under the protective membrane covering. Dow's conventional roof insulations and sealants provide long-term thermal performance, moisture resistance and can be reused.

Designed specifically for conventional roofing applications, Dow’s ultra-strong adhesives offer an alternative to metal fasteners with the added benefits of reduced thermal bridging and improved energy efficiency.

For flat roofs, they also offer solutions with a diminishing plane to create a gentle slope, significantly improving water drainage. Unlike an inverted roof, insulation is placed on top of the membrane, enabling a perfect foundation for a terrace, garden or green roof on the top of your building. An inverted roof assembly can lengthen the life of the roof, contribute to sustainability and provide long-term cost savings.  


 Today’s modern structures must be energy efficient, safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. These simultaneous requirements call for unique technologies and innovations. At Dow, they understand that solutions to these challenges can come from anywhere. That’s why they look beyond traditional construction concepts to bring inspired ideas to building and construction projects of all kinds. From modest homes to monumental skyscrapers, Dow develops solutions to help insulate, protect and enhance. 



 Carlisle SynTec Systems has been the leader in the commercial single-ply roofing industry for more than 50 years. It continues to lead the roofing industry today by providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services through a select network of manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and applicators. Carlisle’s products have been installed on a wide range of buildings around the world, including schools, hospitals, warehouses, and cold storage facilities. With more than 19 billion square feet of roofing materials sold, Carlisle continues to lead the industry by providing its valued customers with the best products, services, and warranty options available today.  


 Carlisle manufactures an extensive variety of commercial insulation products that provide increased thermal performance and energy efficiency, including polyisocyanurate insulation and block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS). These products can be used across the entire building envelope – from the foundation to the roof and everywhere in between.  The newest addition, Carlisle’s SecurShield HD FR Polyiso Insulation is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of a high-density, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to a premium-performance, coated glass facer. Suitable for both re-roofing and new construction applications, SecurShield HD FR is specifically designed for direct application to combustible decks. 


 Carlisle provides sustainable, long-lasting products including low-VOC and VOC-free adhesives and sealants. Environmentally friendly construction is everywhere, and Carlisle is paving the way by offering a multitude of products that meet a growing number of green construction codes and regulations.   Reflective membranes to reduce air conditioning costs and dark-colored membranes to cut cooling costs. Polyiso and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Energy modeling software. Carlisle has what you need to create the ultimate energy-efficient roof system.  



From saving time on the job to lowering energy costs, Firestone roofing products  are built to boost your performance, while enhancing the performance of your roof. Firestone is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for the full spectrum of building requirements. They are a world-recognized leader for over 100 years •    Full building envelope of roofing, wall and specialty products •    Environmentally committed to quality manufacturing •    Worldwide network of distributors •    Subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas, Inc. •    ISO 9001 certified •    Registered to ISO 14001 standards, or self-certified with independent verification   


 High performance – cost efficient polyiso delivers the highest R-value per inch in cold temperatures making it the smartest investment you can make when insulating your building. At low temperatures competing polyiso boards require additional thickness to achieve the same R-value of Firestones polyiso. 

Firestone ISO 95+ GL™  insulation offers high-energy efficiency through the highest R-value ratings per inch versus other insulation materials. Compatible with all types of commercial roofing systems, the lightweight, easy-to-handle insulation is especially suited for direct application on FM approved and UL classified steel roof deck assemblies.  Standard flat Firestone ISO 95+ Insulation is available in board sizes of 4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 8′ and in thicknesses from 0.5″ to 4.5″ subject to availability. 

  When a substrate slope will not permit efficient drainage, Firestone tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation provides an effective and economical solution. Properly installed tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation can extend the life of the roof assembly by eliminating problems associated with ponded water. Firestone tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation is available in slopes from 1/16″ to 1/2″ per foot. Firestone provides a variety of technical support services for the installation of tapered insulation through the Estimating Services Department. 



At Firestone Building Products, our environmental mission is simple: to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. We are constantly striving to develop eco-friendly products and processes that pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.  

Firestone Building Products new LEED® Version 4 guide is an all-inclusive resource for our products that may contribute to earning LEED credits. From energy-saving polyiso insulations to reflective TPO membranes and vegetative roofing solutions – the guide specifies how these products can minimize environmental impact while maximizing building value. 


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With energy consciousness and  climate change at the front and center of their environment priorities, the market share for Polyiso continues to grow. In response to that demand, Hunter Panels was founded in December of 1997 by a group of proactive, forward thinking, movers and shakers  who live and breathe  commercial insulation.  

Hunter Panels was the first  start-up company to enter the Polyiso industry since 1975, and they did so with a particular mission: to distinguish themselves as the proactive entrepreneurial manufacturer and a leader in the marketing of their polyiso product line. As a stand alone manufacturer, Hunter was able to focus on that singular  purpose. They brought together a team of industry professionals who know Polyiso inside and out and who care about being technically proficient and customer driven. 


Hunter believes Polyiso is the cornerstone of green buildings. When it comes to thermal efficiency and a wide range of building applications, Polyiso insulation is the #1 insulating material available today. Polyiso can be installed on both commercial and residential structures, on the roof or in the wall. It’s lightweight, cost-effective and provides outstanding return on investment with significant energy savings. 

* Highest R-value per inch of any insulation.

*EPA compliant

* Post industrial recycled content

*Compliant with ASHRAE standards

*Contributes towards LEED certification credits.

Hunter polyiso is available in flat, tapered, composites, nailable and vented.


 Hunter offers continuing education course.  By touring a manufacturing facility the learning objectives Hunter will cover are:

  1. Understand the manufacturing process of polyiso and the components that are necessary to make polyiso
  2. Focus on product physical properties including: compressive strength, R-value, flute spanability and others
  3. Differentiate between flat, tapered and composite polyiso products. Describe the applications for polyiso in construction applications – roof, both low and steep slope, exterior wall, interior wall
  4. Understand the health, safety and recycling measures taken in the manufacturing facilities