A Good Roof is the Foundation of a Good Home

Making sure your roof is safe and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roof.  Like everything in your home it requires maintenance.  Maintaining is a low cost way of ensuring your home and your family stay safe.

​We are homeowners too and understand you are looking for the absolute best products for your job and understand your home is an investment that you care about deeply.   We at Bonded Building Materials, Inc. strive to help you protect your investment at a reasonable cost.  You will see our pricing is competitive and our knowledge of the industry is second to none. 

From Start to Finish

Bring in your ideas and measurements and we will be happy to sit with you to talk about Bonded's product lines and what will work best for your project.  We will take the time to work out an estimate for you and answer all the questions you have.  When you leave our showroom you will be fully informed and educated, with the feeling you made the best choice by choosing Bonded Building Materials, Inc. to supply your project.  From start to finish we will be by your side.