Offering superior performance and durability, EcoStar products are manufactured with recycled rubber and plastics and are highly flexible, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Providing superior protection against impact and harsh weather conditions, all EcoStar slate and shake tiles offer Class 4 impact resistance and are available with a 50-year Gold Star Warranty or 50-Year Limited Material Warranty.


 EcoStar’s extensive product offering provides numerous alternatives to traditional steep-slope roofing products, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution for virtually any steep-slope application.  Sythetic slate tiles are an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural slate, which captures the traditional beauty of slate roof tiles while providing the durability and proven protection of a synthetic.  Slate tiles are proven to protect against the most extreme elements such as rain, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperature change and UV sunlight.    Synthetic shake roofing is designed to eliminate the extensive maintenance of natural wood shake, yet provide the same aesthetic appeal. They are long-lasting, eco-friendly alternatives to natural wood shake roofing and are made from up to 80% recycled rubber and plastic materials.  Shake tiles are available in three widths that create the natural appearance of traditional cedar shake. Available in 11 standard colors and an array of custom options. 


EcoStar's product offering includes: Majestic Slate, Seneca Shake, Empire Slate, Empire Shake, Empire Niagara Slate and Majestic Niagara Slate.    A continuous research and development program ensures that the EcoStar product will keep pace with the ever changing design and construction practices in the industry.  Click below to visit their extensive project portfolio to find your design inspiration.



 Evergreen Slate is the largest producer and supplier of roofing slate in the United States. Since 1916, the Vermont Slate Roofing Company has taken pride in providing its customers with high-quality products as the leader in the slate roofing industry.   The thousands of slate roofs they’ve provided to fine homes, churches, libraries, government buildings and universities for almost 90 years are a testament to their role as the premier roofing slate provider. 


  Vermont Natural Slate from Evergreen is available in a full array of Vermont slate colors in a variety of sizes and textures, providing varied architectural effects which contribute greatly to the appearance and beauty of any building.  

Vermont Slate, known for its beauty, is often called the sheltering stone because of its unique properties: strength, durability, fire resistance, water resistance and minimum maintenance. Slate has unlimited benefits and uses.  Slate quarried for roofing stock is of dense, sound rock and exceedingly tough and durable. A Vermont Slate roof can last a century giving excellent long-term value, in contrast to other types of manufactured roofing which must be re-roofed three or four times within this same period.   Evergreen can provide detailed information and architectural services from single size 1/4” thickness applications, to intermingled rough texture in random widths, to graduated length and thickness. 


 Evergreen has developed several distinctive blends of color to afford the ultimate in slate roof applications. These are blends that are readily available and have been put together specifically to attain the curb appeal that is desired for the most prestigious of projects.  They offer 14 colors in all sizes and textures, providing varied architectural effects which contribute greatly to the appearance and beauty of any building.  From greens, reds, grays, blacks and purples there is sure to be the look you you desire.  

Inspire Roofing Products


 Inspire Roofing Products will protect your most valuable asset while adding authenticity, beauty, and quality that will remain a lifetime. From their carefully engineered designs to their 100% virgin resin material, their synthetic slate and synthetic shake roofing systems will perform even under the most extreme weather conditions.  Look to Inspire for the highest level of authenticity, quality, and lifetime cost savings to protect your top investment with Inspire's premium composite roofing systems. 


 Inspire's Aledora composite slate offers a thick appearance with highly defined edges, varied widths, and carries the authentic look of natural slate at a fraction of the cost. Their Classic composite slate is a commercial grade thickness manufactured from their own compression mold machines which allows a unique color variation to each tile. Both of their premium polymer slates are designed with an InFlex cambered design to add extra strength against high wind and heavy rain. If you desire the rustic, wood shake look but need a sense of security, their Class A Fire Rated roofing material, Arcella Shake, will meet all your roofing needs.    


Inspire has 15 Standard color options, 6 Cool Roof options, and 5 Standard Color Mixes. Additionally, their custom mix program allows up to six different colors to create your unique, personalized color mix. Their color palette will rival those of any slate quarry or natural cut cedar shake, North America and abroad, no matter what color you select!  

Inspire by Boral is a less expensive alternative to natural slate and natural shake roofing. Each product offers minimal maintenance, a natural finish, and the highest test ratings for Fire, Hail, and Wind.  Click on the COLORS button or the Inspire brochure below for more details.